Remember the days when you could walk out of a vintage store (or walk in to a vintage store... 2020 *cough*) with friends & say: "Man, I got these garms for an absolute steal!" ?

Whether it's the money in your pocket or carbon footprint on the planet - Vintage clothes should not cost the Earth, period.

Bodhi Vintage is here for you to make a return to those days of unique, wavy garms for affordable thrifting.



Bodhi Vintage is brought to you by our two founders. One, who has known the vintage & second hand clothes industry their entire life. The other with a rich creative background in one of Europe's greatest design studios, in Spain. Both carry global experience in their respective fields.

The knowledge combined inspired them to create vintage fashion's avant-garde concept, "Conscious Clothing" under the alias, Bodhi.


Bodhi: Traditionally translated into English with the word Enlightenment & literally means awakened.


We're with you, our challenge is to curb fast fashion too! Whatever you want to call it: An awakening, a movement, a community - We are increasingly making more choices for Conscious Clothing. But Conscious Clothing should also be unique, bold & creative!


You may have seen us under the name Bodhi Studios previously, on sites such as Depop, eBay & ASOS Marketplace. It has been an absolute pleasure supplying funky garms to thousands of new & returning customers across the aforementioned platforms. Honestly it is so humbling to be able to share our love for vintage fashion with you all & connect with so many people in the community. It is so important for us to keep building on this community & continue to engage with each other.



Equipped with creativity, passion & high quality vintage clothes, we plan to innovate vintage fashion in three main areas:

  1. The way you purchase vintage clothing: We are developing more forms for the way you interact with our platform to take home your vintage items.
  2. The catalogue of vintage items & how these can be reworked or customised through our own "Reworked" department & collaboration  with other vintage enthusiasts.
  3. The big picture of Conscious Clothing & fast fashion: We will be identifying new & insightful areas to work with other brands & companies to clean the supply chain & innovate a more ethical philosophy for the fashion industry.